En Pointe School of Dance Promotes Team Work


Fall 2022 Semester will start on Monday August 15, 2022. We are excited to have our students in our studio again. Good luck for new school year!

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About En Pointe School of Dance in Los Alamos

Nourish body, mind, and spirit with dance

The missions of En Pointe School of Dance in Los Alamos are to provide dance classes for children to improve creativity, socialization, coordination of mind and body for cognitive development and for adults to facilitate time to be by herself for fitness, to improve body flexibility and to socialize with other people.
En Pointe School of Dance provide opportunities for every student to perform in public. Students do not compete with each other rather they collaborate to make the best performance. Even Ballet classed are our main focus, our School brings rich music and dances from all over the world to enrich children and adult with different cultures. We want to make sure that dance is fun and makes you happy.
En Pointe School of Dance in Los Alamos is for children and adults of our community, we offer classes based on their need.